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Non Metallic Expansion Joints

 Fabric Bellows Expansion Joint 


Fabric expansion joints are often used in ducts which carry hot gases at low pressures. The major design parameters are the temperatures and flow rates of the gases and the amount and abrasiveness of solids suspended in the gases. Layers of different fabrics insulation can be combined to accommodate the temperatures  and pressure in the system. For handling gaseous media, which is likely to adversely react with most metals, fabric compensators can be an optimal solution.The fabric belt may need to be replaced periodically.

 Rubber Bellows Expansion Joint

With the support of our professionals, we bring forward a premium range of Rubber Expansion Joints.These are used in high pressure and low temperature application and acts as effective vibration isolators when used on engines,pumps,turbines and other similar machines.

Our products are used extensively in various industrial applications and are highly appreciated by customers.